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Project roles

  • Management
  • UX/UI Design
  • Motion Design
  • Illustration


  • ING Bank

Flash Player 6 / Action Script 2 multimedia website and interactive book dedicated to Perperikon - one of the most valuable archaeological monuments in Bulgaria.

Note: Portfolio entry in memory of Macromedia Flash Player.

In 2003 ING Bank has committed to the development and maintenance of a website for the ancient town of Perperikon.

My company Nuvizus Communications has implemented a content management system and design to client specification. The web project received several prestigious awards. In search of an emotional user experience and a wider audience, ING Bank commissioned the creation of an interactive version. The product was replicated and distributed on a CD.

I've had a goal to achieve a balance between a functional interface and an emotional user experience. For this purpose, a sepia color scheme and an illustrative style of the interface were chosen. To help the user focus on readability, I decided to hide the main navigation using retractable components in the vertical space.

At the bottom of the application, I placed a control panel for volume adjustment and previous/next buttons for different tracks of the music soundtrack to the project. The panel also offers quick access to wallpapers and hyperlinks. Breadcrumbs type navigation at the top of the reading space for complete control over the interactive information paths. Every chapter starts with an animated illustration.

The user experience is complemented by precisely tuned animations and transitions between the individual information elements in the product. Photos and illustrations are in sepia tonal representation with the color transition when zoomed in. With the help of Adobe After Effects, I created a color correction and specific montage from a promotional film dedicated to Perperikon.

The user experience starts with virtual onboarding for a better understanding of the interface. Check design process screen-shots, illustrations, and a screen capture of the product experience below.

Perperikon Screen-capture

Project Screen-shots

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