I am a classically trained artist with a deep interest in technology. In 2004, I founded my first company for User-centered Design and Web-based solutions: Nuvizus Communications.

My company has been among the early few in implementing UCD method for Product Building. In 2005 we created а service and education website for Borica-Bankservice AD - b-trust.org (Archive.org).

In 16 years, as a CEO, Designer, and Project manager, I have completed variety of projects for multiple high-profile clients, from User-Centered Design through Software Development, Brand Identity, and Product building.

My focus is always on creating design and software solutions with an actual business perspective.

For me as a product designer, the essential thing is to design solutions with lasting impact. The experiences that I have gathered from different roles in my career are giving me unique perspective and expertise. I can apply this insight in every step of the design process with certainty and efficiency.

I offer expertise in building Modern and Accessible Design Solutions, Brand Identity and Design Systems and deliver results through collaboration and process transparency.

As a customer, you can collaborate and control production by using Stayux.com Customer Experience Portal. In Product Building Process I apply the Kanban scheduling system for lean manufacturing, customer feedback, and optimization.

Note: As of 2019, I suspended all activities of Nuvizus Communications. Stayu X is a company through which I work individually by offering the services described below.

You can find out what technologies I am using daily in the Tool Box section of this website.

You can hire me as an individual or as a business.

I am available only through remote work.

Thank you for your time.


UI Design
Interface Animation
Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Product Ideation
Design Strategy
Website HTML/CSS Prototype

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